Looking At The Climatic Conditions In Lakeland Before Planning Your Dream Vacation

If you are in dire need of vacationing and are planning a trip to Florida, then you might need to research the best time to travel there. If you plan your travel during the rainy season, then you will miss out on many of the beautiful attractions the city has to offer.

Best Time to Travel to Lakeland

You always need to plan for a vacation. If you plan to visit Lakeland in Florida, then you would not want to miss out on the activities that you can do here.  Lakeland has an oceanic climate and the city experiences moderate rainfall throughout the year.

The highest average temperature is approximately 29°C in July and the lowest is approximately 17°C in January. The best time to travel to Lakeland would be March, April, and November as the climate is pleasant and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors. The city experiences approximately 53 inches of rain a year.

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The hurricane season begins from June to November, but occurrences are rare. If your travel plans do happen to fall during these months, you might want to check the situation with your travel agency and then plan.

Lakeland experiences summer for most of the year with days being hot, humid, and oppressive. Winters, on the other hand, are short, cool, and partly cloudy.

The highest humidity month is August with approximately 66% humidity whereas March is the least humid with approximately 51% humidity. The windiest months are between March and May. The city does not experience any snowfall.

Packing the Right Clothes for Travel

Depending on the month you are traveling to Lakeland, you would need to pack wisely for your trip:

  • Summers – June to August – Cotton and linen clothes, including sunscreen, insect repellents, hat, and sunglasses
  • Winters – December to February – Sweaters, jackets, scarves, moisturizers, warm socks
  • Spring – March to May – T-shirts, shorts, jackets, and sweatshirts
  • Fall – September to November – Light clothes such as a dress or jeans. You can even add jackets and sweatshirts to the list for cooler evenings

Ensure you are prepared for unexpected rains or hurricanes. It is always better to opt for travel insurance if you are traveling during the hurricane season.

If you are looking at saving on travel and accommodation expenses, then you might want to plan your vacation during the off-season. The busiest months for Lakeland are February, March, and June. During these months, flights and accommodations may skyrocket if you do not book in advance.

You might want to plan your vacation during September as this is the off-season month. You might be able to get flights and accommodations at a cheaper rate.


Climate does play a very important role while you plan your travel. It indirectly affects your quality of experience and perception of the destination.