Mind-Blowing and Surprising Facts about the Maldives

With diverse and colorful marine life, crystalline white beaches, and clear turquoise water, Maldives is the small paradise on the Earth. Even though the area of this country is small, it has many interesting things to explore. It is a natural treasure where travelers can enjoy a lot and get some unforgettable memories. Maldives is situated in the Indian Ocean. This country is surrounded by 99% of sea and just 1% of land. If you planning for the holiday, then visit the maldives.

Facts about the Maldives

  • Maldives holds the Guinness World Records for being the flattest and lowest country in the world along with the maximum elevation about sea level of 2.4m
  • This amazing destination has 26 atolls and 1190 islands. Among them, 187 islands are inhabited, which includes 106 standalone luxury resorts.
  • Maldives is one of the fewest destinations on the earth where you will see the world’s biggest fish the Whale Shark throughout the year. If you are the adventure seeker, go diving with the licensed instructors and swim alongside the Whale Shark
  • Because of the climatic changes such as rising sea levels and land erosion, the islands of maldives are being affected adversely. This is why it is often called a sinking paradise.
  • The weather is pleasant and good throughout the year. It means you will travel to the Maldives all the season and grab some unforgettable memories
  • It is the only destination in the world suitable for all sorts of the travelers and holidaymakers such as honeymooners, adventure seekers, and families
  • Since Maldives is situated close to the equator, it receives a huge amount of sun rays and therefore you need the high sun protection.

Do’s and Don’ts

As the Maldives becomes a gorgeous gateway for the people who love sand, seafood, and sun, tourists and travelers from different countries visit this location every year. Different types of the resort island follow different rules and thus you need to be aware of things to do and not to do to ensure your trip trouble-free.

  • Try to dress modestly on the inhabited islands. Topless sunbathing and bikinis are strictly prohibited outside of the non-resort islands. However, once you are at the resort, try to feel free to bust out your holiday swimsuit.
  • Before entering the place of worship or residence, do not forget to remove your shoes. As the locals are well known for being very friendly to tourists, you need not afraid to speak with someone
  • While craft items made from the turtle shells and coral are made available for purchase, it is illegal to export them. So, you have to select the souvenirs carefully.
  • Brings lots of sunscreens and check out the reef locations closer to the resort. Be ready to pay extra taxes for rentals, spa treatments, etc.
  • Never bring the banned items during your trip such as any kind of drugs, alcohol, pork, etc. Do not expect free and speedy Wi-Fi because the Maldives would not have the same connectivity